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Fire Sprinkler Week 2015

Fire Sprinkler Week 2015 (16th – 22nd March) is a week of fire and rescue service activity, raising awareness of the benefits of sprinklers to businesses and educational establishments.


The theme of the 2015 week is Business Continuity, focusing on the support that fitting automatic fire sprinkler systems can provide to business and to social (educational) continuity.


The objectives of the week are:

  • To encourage businesses to consider how fitting sprinklers can help to protect their valuable assets (people, buildings, machinery and supplies) from fire, or can mitigate the effects that a fire has upon their assets, helping them to achieve business continuity.

  • To encourage schools and other educational establishments to fit sprinklers, allowing them to potentially minimize the major impact that a fire can cause their students, staff and community.

  • To promote the economic, social and business benefits of having sprinklers to business owners and leaders, and to dispel some of the myths about sprinklers.


We are aiming to communicate the benefits of Sprinklers to the Business Community: Business owners across all sectors, business organisations and those who supply and support them; the Educational Community: Leaders of Schools, Academies, Further and Higher Educational establishments, local government; and to other influential stakeholders: policy-makers, construction companies, insurers, architects and designers.


Business Continuity

In 2015, Sprinkler Week will be focusing on the benefits of sprinklers to businesses, including educational establishments such as schools and colleges. In a time of austerity it becomes more important than ever for businesses and educational institutions to ensure their key resources are protected, enabling them to be in a position to continue operating after a fire. It has been suggested that eight out of 10 businesses may not recover after a major fire.


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