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Fire Protection Services

fire_proFire Extinguishers

All extinguishers are Kite Marked, to BS EN3 specification and stamped with the CE Mark. [br] 

We install, maintain and commission all equipment to the relevant British Standard 5306 and are accredited with BAFE SP101.  This is the independent, third party certification registration body for the fire protection industry.



Fire Alarms

Firestop Services design, supply, install and commission fire safety systems, service and maintain any fire alarm system, we also: [br]
•    Design and Installation Conventional, Addressable and Analogue addressable fire alarm systems [br] [br]

•    We also offer staff training to ensure they are familiar with all life safety systems and what to do in an emergency and also assist in developing your fire routine testing and recording procedures [br] [br]

Emergency Lighting

Firestop Services install, service and maintain Emergency Lighting to British Standard 5266 and in accordance with Current Safety Legislation. [br]  [br] 

Emergency Signage

Firestop Services supply a large range of Fire and Safety Signage which complies with ‘The Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulation 1999’.  All signage is British Standard approved. [br]  [br] 

Fire Door Equipmentfire_door

Firestop Services supply and install Fire Doors and related door retaining equipment. We are an approved installer of FIRECO products including Dorgard and Freedor equipment. [br]
Visit the Dorgard website. [br]

fireco [br] [br] [br] [br] [br]  [br]


Dry Riser Maintenance

A Dry Riser is a system of pipes and valves installed in tall buildings or building with restricted access that enables the fire brigade to pump water to specific predetermined points within the building. Dry Riser systems have an inlet valve situated outside the building at ground level in a secure compartment. This inlet is the point the Fire and Rescue Service would connect their water supply and pump it into the building, connecting a hose to an “outlet” valve at the required level to fight a fire.[br][br]

The buildings Responsible Person must maintain the system to, and ensure maintenance frequency and procedures are in accordance with BS 9990:2006 – Code of practice for non-automatic fire fighting systems in buildings, or as specified by the buildings Fire Risk Assessment (FRA). [br][br]

The current Standard requires the system to undergo an annual static pressure test and inspection and a six monthly visual inspection, by a competent person. Thus ensuring the Dry riser system is maintained and functioning correctly and available at all times.[br][br]

Firestop Services fully qualified fire engineers can undertake all aspects of the Dry Riser servicing and maintenance works in accordance with the British Standards. Please contact us for further details. [br] [br]

What are fire suppresion systems?

Firestop Services Ltd is able to supply, install, service and maintain a full range of Fire Suppression Systems, both standalone and integrated systems. Pneumatically Actuated Fire Suppression System or PAFSS are highly versatile suppression systems for use in a broad range of environments.


PAFSS are automatic fire suppression systems for enclosures, fume cabinet protection and micro-environments. Typically fitted in confined areas, they can also be applied in server rooms, museums, electrical installations, industrial equipment, power generation, transport and hospitals.etc. [br]

Available systems include: [br] 

  • CO2
  • Foam
  • Powder
  • Novec (Halon replacement) [br]

PAFSS are highly versatile systems suitable for a range of environments and can be activated by human intervention or automatically by fire detection systems. Available in specific environmental application gas mixtures PAFSS is an affordable solution for asset protection and business continuity. [br]

Firestop Services fully qualified fire engineers can supply, install and servicing and maintenance works in accordance with the British Standards. Please contact us for further details. [br][br]