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Fire Safety Management


Following the introduction of The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order in England and Wales, Part 3 of the Fire (Scotland) Act and Fire Safety Regulations (Northern Ireland), virtually all those with control of non-domestic premises are required to ensure that a suitable and sufficient fire risk assessment is undertaken, and, in most cases, recorded. [br] 

Our range of fire risk assessments and fire consulting services can help you meet your fire safety obligations. All our fire risk assessment services are conducted in accordance with our externally audited BS EN ISO 9001 quality management system so you can be sure of our professionalism and integrity at all times. [br] 

Our Fire Engineers are 3rd Party Accredited with, and full members of the Institution of Fire Engineers. Our team of highly experienced and qualified consultants operate across the UK. Our fire safety services are economically priced yet uncompromised on quality. [br]  [br] 

Fire Risk Assessments

Our reputation and experience is positively recognised by Fire Authorities across the UK and is something we are proud to have established and passionate about maintaining. We undertake comprehensive Fire Risk Assessments and provide help and support with implementation of any recommendations and requirements confident that your fire safety obligations will be met or exceeded. [br] 

Firestop Services provides inclusive fire risk assessments including:[br]

  • life safety fire risk assessments to meet the requirements of Fire Laws across the UK [br] 
  • property protection assessments to reduce and manage the potential for extensive property loss in the event of fire [br] 
  • extensive fire risk assessments addressing life safety and property protection, conducted in accordance with the appropriate standards and codes including Approved Document B: Fire Safety (Volume 2) – Buildings other than dwelling houses and BS 9999 Code of practice for fire safety in the design, management and use of buildings [br]  [br] 

Fire Safety Consulting

Fire consulting services proposing practical, cost-effective solutions for any specific fire safety problems including: [br]

  • the development, implementation, and review of company-specific fire safety strategies [br] 
  • developing fire evacuation strategies [br] 
  • local authority licensing issues [br] 
  • the protection of historic/heritage buildings [br] 
  • evaluation and supervision of fire drills [br] 
  • liaison with enforcing authorities during any enforcement action [br] 
  • bespoke fire marshal and awareness training to suit your requirements [br] [br] 
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